Glenmaye – Embry Group Townhouses at 3175 Clairmont Rd., 1808, 1816, 1826, 1834, & 1840 McJenkin Dr. (Near Century Center)

The developer, seeks approval of a Zoning Map Amendment from NR-1 to VR in order to demolish 6 existing single family homes, combine the properties, and then develop the site with 37 fee simple townhomes in seven buildings developed on a combination of publicly dedicated streets and alleys and a single entrance on McJenkins Drive.


Peachtree Townpark / JEH Homes – 3550 Chamblee-Dunwoody Road

(Note – this project is revised from the project as presented in June of 2015) The developer, JEH Homes, proposes to develop the site with a private street system and 39 townhouses that are 22 ft. wide and have two-car garages. The boundary of the site has been modified to eliminate a portion of the site on the northwestern corner that includes the private street that connects to Pierce Drive in order to accommodate expansion of the store and construction of a row of parking for Quik Trip. The street system for the townhouses has a single driveway connection to Chamblee-Dunwoody Way. It consists of a series of private streets and alleys culminating in dead ends with hammer-head turnarounds without interconnection to the adjacent Walgreens and Quik Trip properties.

Of the 39 proposed townhouses, 14 would be rear-entry with front doors facing Chamblee-Dunwoody Road and Chamblee-Dunwoody Way. The remaining 25 townhouses would be front entry units that back up to interior landscape courts. The fronts of the units are finished in brick and stone while the sides and rears are finished with siding. The only on-site amenity is a mail kiosk and community fire pit. An underground stormwater management facility is shown on the southeastern corner of the site.


Huntley Estates – Methodist Church

The subject property is a portion of undeveloped land that is currently owned by the Chamblee First United Methodist Church consisting of 6.61 acres that is proposed to be divided from the overall church property then subdivided into 6 lots on a cul-de-sac extension of Commodore Drive. The lots are following the requirements of the NR-1 zoning district. The subject property contains a tributary stream of Nancy Creek and associated 100-year floodplain along the southern portion of the property. A 75 ft. undisturbed stream buffer is provided as required in Section 34-1005 that requires a 50 ft. undisturbed buffer and an additional 25 ft. impervious setback. A lesser creek joins the Nancy Creek that is fed by a spring located in the northeast corner of the property. The site has significant topographic change, falling 65 feet from the high point on the northern boundary to the Nancy Creek on the southwest corner of the property. (From the 15 July 2014 City Council agenda)


Parkview on Peachtree (Great Gatsby’s)

The applicant, SSP Peachtree, LLC, has requested approval of a Planned Unit Development for a mixed use development on 11.4 acres located at 5070 and 5126 Peachtree Boulevard. The plan includes 597 apartments, in two six-story buildings with 57,365 sq. ft. of commercial space, including a 28,540 sq. ft. grocery store, a 1,800 sq. ft. coffee shop, two restaurants and 5,112 sq. ft. of office space covering much of the ground floor. There would be 1,178 parking spaces of which 729 spaces would be in a six-level parking structure. (From the 21 October 2014 City Council agenda)

(Note: this plan is outdated – it has been revised and resubmitted)



4041 & 4047 Clairmont Road Townhouses

The applicant, D.A. Edwards and Company, requests approval of a preliminary plat dated 12/21/2007 for a community of 36 two-story townhouses (single-family attached dwelling units) in 8 buildings on fee-simple lots that are 26 ft. wide and 46 ft. deep with a net heated floor area of approximately 1,600 sq. ft. The site is 2.8 acres and yields a gross density of 12.95 units per acre. The development includes two small parks and public streets. Streets are 24 ft. wide paved sections. One new street provides a direct connection between 5th St. and 6th St. (From the 21 October 2014 City Council agenda)



Peachtree Broad (Downtown)

The applicant, Peachtree Broad, LLC proposes to demolish existing structures on the 4.8 acre site and build a mixed-use development with four buildings of 4-stories each, containing 236 apartments (246,000 sq. ft.), about 10,000 sq. ft. for leasing office and amenity space, and about 16,500 sq. ft. of commercial retail space to be built in two phases. The center of the site contains a multi-story parking garage.

The existing property is underutilized land consisting of a mixture of vacant property and a vacant one-story building. The north eastern part of the site contains several abandoned parking lots and concrete slabs. The central portion is a vacant wooded site and the southwestern portion of the subject property contains a one-story building on Broad Street that was formerly an antique store and it would be demolished. (From the 16 December 2014 City Council)



Peachtree Crossing (Whole Foods)

Peachtree Crossing – 5001, 4961, 4949, and 4934 Peachtree Blvd. (Across from Lowe’s)
The applicant, S. J. Collins, has requested approval of a Planned Unit Development for a planned center of 102,093 sq. ft. of retail and commercial uses located on property at 5001 Peachtree Boulevard and three other parcels consisting of a total of 11.12 acres that is zoned Corridor Commercial (CC). The subject property consists of four properties with a total of 934 feet of frontage on Peachtree Boulevard and 1,230 ft. of frontage on Peachtree Road. The majority of the site is the 8.27 acre tract owned by Rathon and formerly used by the Oxford Chemicals, Inc. facility that was demolished. The proposed plan consists of nine one-story buildings the largest of which has 40,011 sq. ft. and is represented to be a fresh food grocery store. Other uses include a 2,905 sq. ft. bank with drive-through service window in the southwestern corner and several proposed restaurants, totaling 14,600 sq. ft. with outdoor dining courtyards. The proposed buildings form a U-shape with a landscaped surface parking lot in the center. The majority of the buildings back up to Peachtree Road and face the parking lot that is accessed from Peachtree Boulevard. (From the 17 February Chamblee City Council agenda)




North Peachtree Towns 4135 to 4161 North Peachtree Rd.

The site is zoned Corridor Commercial and contains 2.6 acres, presently occupied by four single-family dwellings and a mobile home. The property is surrounded on all sides by multi-family and institutional uses. The applicant proposes a community of 30 two-story townhouses (single-family attached dwelling units) in 5 buildings on fee-simple lots that are typically 24 ft. wide and 88.5 to 105 ft. deep. The proposed Iots range in size from 2,123 to 4,611 sq. ft. in area, yielding a gross density of 11.5 units per acre. Dwellings would have a minimum heated floor area of approximately 2,000 sq. ft. Open space would constitute over 20% of the gross site area including a central community amenity area with a mail kiosk. (From the 17 February Chamblee City Council agenda)





Chamblee Plaza – The Blee (17MAR2015)

The applicant, Trinity – Chamblee Station, LLC, has requested approval of a Planned Unit Development for a mixed-use planned center zoned Corridor Commercial (CC) consisting of six one-story buildings with over 123,000 sq. ft. of retail and commercial uses plus 109 multi-family residential units in a four-story building. The site plan proposes to partially redevelop the existing Chamblee Plaza shopping center that was built in 1959 and has approximately 165,500 sq. ft. of retail space in one-story buildings. A substantial amount of the existing center would be demolished to provide more open space and to allow for addition of a large multi-family building on the northern end of the site. Four new one-story buildings are proposed as outparcels within the surface parking lot. There would be 827 parking spaces in surface parking lots, about 106 percent of the minimum required. (From the 17 March Chamblee City Council agenda) (Note – this was not approved….)









4011 and 4015 Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd. (Korean Church)

The developer proposes this rezoning in order to demolish the existing place of worship and construct 27 lots for single-family detached homes. The gross density is 3.81 units per acre. The proposed lots in the subdivision range in area from 6,000 sq. ft. to 10,252 sq. ft. The typical lot is approximately 66 ft. by 92 ft. The lots would be served with private street system having a single entrance on Chamblee-Dunwoody Road. (From the 21 April Chamblee City Council)


5000 Peachtree Blvd. (Buddy’s)

The existing building and canopy on the 0.57 acre site (Buddy’s Gas Station) will be demolished and replaced with a new commercial building with approximately 6,500 sq. ft. for general business and commercial occupancies. The site includes 33 parking spaces (5/1,000sf) located behind the building. (From the 21 April Chamblee City Council agenda)


Mercy Park PUD – 5134 Peachtree Road

St. Joseph’s Mercy Care proposes to construct two buildings on a 3.99-acre parcel. The buildings would include a 2-floor health clinic with 50,000 sq. ft. and a 4-story residential structure that is intended to provide 72 apartment units to be affordable supportive housing for seniors. (From the 19 May Chamblee City Council agenda)






Acadia Homes at Perimeter Park

Acadia Homes and Neighborhoods seeks a major modification of an PUD at Perimeter Park (near North Peachtree and Savoy). This would allow them to develop the site with 123 fee-simple townhomes that are 3-stories in height with two-car garages and 33 single-family detached homes on 19.8 acres. This would yield an average density of 7.86 dwelling units per acre. The townhouses will range from 2200 to 2500 sf, and the single-family homes will range from 2600 to 3500 SF. Prices will range from the mid-$300’s for the smaller townhouses to the mid- $500s for the larger single-family homes. The property would also include a commercial portion.