Elected Officials for Huntley Hills

Who are my elected officials in Huntley Hills? Where do I vote? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a handy list for everyone from the city council to the highest office in the land.

Polling Location

As of this writing, if you live in Huntley Hills your polling place is Huntley Hills Elementary. You can register to vote or check your status at www.mvp.sos.ga.gov.

Federal Officials:

President: Donald Trump, https://www.whitehouse.gov 202-456-1111

Vice President: Mike Pence https://www.whitehouse.gov 202-456-1111

Senator Johnny Isakson 770-661-0999, 202-224-3643 www.isakson.senate.gov 

Senator David Purdue 404-865-0087, 202-224-3521 www.purdue.senate.gov

Rep. Lucy McBath (District 6): (202) 225-4501, (470) 773-6330  https://mcbath.house.gov/

State Officials

Governor: Brian Kemp https://gov.georgia.gov 404-656-1776

Lt. Governor: Geoff Duncan https://gov.georgia.gov (404) 656-5030

Senator (District 40) Sally Harrell (404) 463-2260, sally.harrell@senate.ga.gov, www.senate.ga.gov

State Representatives (79, 80, 81)

Huntley HIlls is divided into three state house districts. the line(s) roughly follow plantation and longview drive. See map for details or find your exact representative at www.mvp.sos.ga.gov

Huntley Hills State House District Map 79 80 81

District 79 Representative: Mike Wilensky mike.wilensky@house.ga.gov 404.656.0202

District 80 Representative: Matthew Wilson matthew.wilson@house.ga.gov 404.656.6372

District 81 Representative: Scott Holcomb scott.holcomb@house.ga.gov 404.656.6372

DeKalb County Officials

County Commission

Nancy Jester (District 1) 678-360-1148 /  (404) 371-2844, nancy@nancyjester.com, www.nancyjester.com

Kathie Gannon (District 6) 404-371-4909  https://commissionerkathiegannon.com/ kgannon@dekalbcountyga.gov

Dekalb School Board

District 1: Stan Jester, 678-676-0027 www.stanjester.com stanjester@gmail.com,

City of Chamblee

Eric Clarkson, Mayor

470-395-2315 | eclarkson@chambleega.gov

Chamblee City Council District MapJohn Mesa, Council Member District 1

470-395-2317 | jmesa@chambleega.gov

Leslie C. Robson, Council Member District 2

470-395-2318 | lrobson@chambleega.gov

Thomas S. Hogan, II Council Member District 3

404-591-2500 | thogan@chambleega.gov

Brian Mock, Council Member At Large

470-395-2320 | bmock@chambleega.gov

Darron Kusman, Council Member At Large & Mayor Pro Tem

(770) 986-5010 | dkusman@chambleega.gov

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