Dog waste stations

Great news for the many dog-walkers (and non-dog walkers) in the neighborhood! HHNA sponsored six new dog waste stations for Huntley Hills, which have been installed on Forrestal, Commodore Court, Longview near Ellwyn, in the empty corner lot on Ensign and in the triangle at the corner of Longview and N. Shallowford. If you are a dog-walker, please take advantage of these stations to help keep Huntley Hills clean and beautiful. Thank you to Meghan Harris, HHNA Beautification Chair, for taking the lead on this project and thank you to the city public works department for installing the stations.

Dog Waste Station

Huntley Hills Park and Garden Workday

Hard at work on a beautiful Saturday morning in Huntley Hills! We had a great group come out to plant, prune and cleanup in Huntley Hills park, butterfly garden and traffic circles. Thanks to Leslie Robson for donating so many plants from her garden! And thanks to Drew Wills, Sandy Burke, Aida Kenyon, Allison Metheny and Carolyn Weber for coming out to help. Photos courtesy of Drew Wills Photography.

One more Huntley Hills sign

Sign1The Department of Public Works graciously installed a third Huntley Hills sign for us. This one is at the south end of Admiral Dr., near the High School.

The Huntley Hills Neighborhood Association has been able to purchase these signs with your help: each one costs the amount earned from the memberships of 62 households.

The first picture shows DPW employees Tim Mathis and Rudy Ruiz holding the post in the hole.


Sign2The man bracing the post in the second picture is Joe Tipton, Assistant Director of the DPW.