HHNA Board Roles

The Huntley Hills Neighborhood Association is led by our all-volunteer board. The board meets once a month, usually at a board member’s house. Each role is important to carrying out the duties of the HHNA’s mission to foster community engagement, beautification, and safety.

If you’d like to volunteer for the board, or any other capacity, fill out this short form.

The HHNA Board Roles are:


  • Schedule monthly board meetings and set agendas.
  • Facilitate monthly board meetings and board/neighborhood ideas that materialize outside of meetings.
  • Touch base with board members regarding upcoming events to confirm we have all the resources needed.
  • Fill in with various board duties where needed.
  • Plan, schedule and facilitate the Annual Meeting.
  • Seek board replacements, with the rest of the board, when needed.
  • Assist in the transition of new board members onto the board

Newsletter Editor

  • Develop a proposed list of article ideas (start with last year’s newsletter)
  • Secure authors for articles from board members and others through Nextdoor solicitation
  • Design the layout (need publishing software, such as InDesign)
  • Set an overall schedule with deadlines for articles, ads, etc.
  • Select a printer by reviewing options/pricing
  • Create ad flyer with prices and schedule
  • Coordinate selling ads and collecting money
  • Find and work with printer to obtain draft version and review/approve
  • Provide draft to the board to review

Community Affairs Liaison

  • Post reminder of upcoming City Council Work Sessions and City Council Meetings on Nextdoor and Facebook a few days before the event, include a link to agenda if available.
  • Keep aware of other Chamblee/DeKalb meetings, and advertise as appropriate
  • Attend meetings when possible and send notes on key decisions, as appropriate
  • Keep up with things happening around Chamblee/DeKalb and inform the neighborhood (like new developments being discussed)

Neighborhood Beautification

  • Organizing events around cleaning, planting and debris removal from parks and common areas
  • Maintaining doggie waste stations with Parks and Rec (ordering refill bags and making sure we get them to P&R)
  • Buy flowers and mulch for gardens/circles


  • Organize monthly/bi-monthly events with the help of the board
  • Coordinate supplies lists, staffing, and on-site logistics
  • Promote events through membership and Nextdoor/ Facebook
  • Solicit feedback from the board after each event and general key learnings document


  • Keep track of expenses and deposits
  • Write checks
  • Create a monthly financial report for the Board Meeting
  • Create an annual financial report for the Annual Membership meeting
  • Make deposits
  • Do Paypal transfers
  • Balance the bank account
  • Check the PO Box at least weekly, pass membership forms to Membership Chair
  • Bring cash box and receipt book to events with that have a cost or where people may be joining
  • Create an annual budget


  • Take notes at monthly board meetings
  • Communicate minutes to board members
  • Resend the minutes a few days before the next board meeting and remind board members of action items


  • Maintain the membership list/database, provide to board as needed
  • Ensure that all board members are members in good standing
  • Validate votes cast in the election to ensure that everyone who votes is an active member
  • Ensure that dues are collected and deposited or given to the Treasurer to deposit
  • Send emails encouraging people to renew throughout the year as their memberships expire
  • Send via US Mail for people without email
  • Post on social media (Nextdoor, Facebook, etc) encouraging new people to join
  • Send thank you notes/emails to everyone who joins or renews
  • Provide HHNA magnets to new members
  • Maintain the membership form (both online and printable version)
  • Bring membership forms and/or laptop to events where people may be joining to take new memberships and renewals


  • Manage domain registration, including renewal payment
  • Manage site hosting, including fee payment (currently hosted by Go Daddy)
  • Oversee content, including development of new content and updating existing information as needed
  • Update cover photos after key events or as needed
  • Periodic Active Link Check
  • Update Board Information after elections and other changes
  • Manage domain email addresses, including periodic checks that forwarding works
  • Update Master file with web changes in Site Index spreadsheet maintained in HHNA Board/Webmaster folder on Google Drive
  • Maintain links to PayPal, Stripe, etc (for Membership joins/renewals)

Neighborhood Watch/Community Champion

Manage the Block Captain network

  • Maintain an electronic list of Block Captains – email, phone and the blocks they support (we use google sheets)
  • Provide the list to all Block Captains so they can contact each other
  • Recruit new BC’s as needed
  • Provide info to new BC’s on what the role is
  • Encourage Block Captains to host annual Spring Block Party
  • Request that Block Captain’s contact Welcome Packet Guy for new owners or renters on their street
  • Coordinate annual BC meeting

Communicate with the neighborhood

  • Let the neighborhood know that you are the Neighborhood Watch lead, send occasional emails to cover any recent issues or just reminding them of Neighborhood Watch in general

Interface with the Neighborhood Watch liaison in the police department

  • Maintain periodic contact with the police department
  • Be the point person in the neighborhood for crimes or serious issues

Welcome Packets

  • Keep material current – read thru the handouts and edit, add pages or delete as necessary
  • Oversee content, including the development of new content and updating existing
  • Add newsletter
  • Make copies as needed
  • Collate material and place in a large envelope, with a personal note from Block Captain clipped to the outside.
  • Create packets the first of each month when the new Real Estate report is available, or whenever a block captain needs one
  • Look up the address and find out who the block captain is
  • Deliver packets to Block Captains
  • Keep a list of packets delivered – including Block Captain and address of the new residents
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