HHNA Announces Logo Contest!

Are you a graphic designer or artist? We want YOUR help to create a logo for the neighborhood association! The contest is open to everyone both in and outside Huntley Hills.

We’re looking for a visual representation of our new mission statement that will support our efforts to engage with local businesses, government, neighboring communities, and others for the benefit of Huntley Hills. We know there are many talented, creative neighbors and friends of Huntley Hills out there and can’t wait to see the designs you come up with!

The winner of the contest will receive:

  • $100 cash
  • A feature on our website publicizing their work
  • Honorary membership to the Huntley Hills Neighborhood Association for the 2016/2017 year (a $20 value)
  • Heaps of neighborhood fame and glory!

Submissions are due November 1st. Please review the design guidelines and tips below before submitting your design to ensure it meets the contest parameters.


Logo Design Guidelines

  1. Please include the name of the organization, “Huntley Hills Neighborhood Association”, in the design.
  2. We would like the logo to be a reflection of our mission statement: The Huntley Hills Neighborhood Association fosters community engagement, beautification and safety in the vibrant Chamblee neighborhood of Huntley Hills.
  3. We would like the design to be able to be reproduced in a single-color or two-color version, which we could use for more cost-effective printed items.
  4. Identifying marks: Designs will be displayed anonymously throughout the competition. Do not include any identifying marks (name, website, etc.) on your design itself.
  5. Artist agreement: You must submit a signed, completed artist agreement when you submit your design. The artist agreement contains your contact information; if we can’t contact you, your design may not be approved for the contest.
  6. File size: Submit your design as a JPEG file, not larger than 500 KB in size and measuring not larger than 3 inches by 3 inches (216 pixels by 216 pixels). If your design is selected as a finalist, you will be asked to submit a scalable vector graphic in EPS format.
  7. File name: Save your design file with your full name or your company name as the file name. If you submit more than one design, number them accordingly (i.e. Jane Doe 1, Jane Doe 2). Designs will be displayed anonymously during online voting and judging panel review.
  8. Email your design to logo@huntleyhills.net. You’ll receive an email from us when your design has been approved to be part of the contest. If you do not receive an email within three business days of submitting your design, please contact us directly via email.

Participation in this contest is open to any individual who has internet access and an email address. By taking part in the contest, a candidate who is under age 18 confirms that his or her legal guardian has consented to his or her taking part in the contest and abiding by the rules of this contest.

Design submission phase

  • Candidates must upload and submit their designs according to the process outlined in the contest rules, and complete and submit the accompanying artist agreement.
  • Incomplete submissions, submissions that do not conform to the stated formats or these rules, and those sent after midnight November 1st, 2015 may be refused.
  • Multiple entries per candidate will be allowed. (Only one artist agreement per artist is necessary)
  • The Huntley Hills Neighborhood Association (HHNA) reserves the right to automatically eliminate designs that include offensive or inappropriate elements, or that have evidence of copyright infringement.
  • Designs that meet all the criteria defined in these rules may, at HHNA’s sole discretion, be uploaded into the online gallery without any modifications by HHNA.

Judging phase

  • HHNA will announce the semi-finalists selected by the board on the HHNA website on or after November 1st, 2015 (please note that this date may be modified by HHNA, in its sole discretion).
  • The community will then have approximately 2 weeks to vote on the entries on the website.
  • The winner will be announced on the HHNA website on or around November 15, 2015.
  • We will consider several factors when selecting the semi-finalist designs, including usability and alignment with our mission statement.

Modification of the Rules

  • The HHNA board’s decisions on all matters relating to the contest will be final and binding on all candidates, the finalists and the winner. HHNA reserves the right at its absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these rules from time to time without prior notice. These rules prevail over any provisions or representations contained in any promotional materials relating to the contest.


  • All the designs must be in compliance with these rules at all times. HHNA may, at any time, and based on its own appreciation, exclude any design or any candidate. Participation in this contest implies the full, complete and unreserved acceptance of these rules. Non-observance of the conditions for participation set out in these rules may make the participation invalid, as determined by HHNA.