Parkview on Peachtree (Great Gatsby’s)

The applicant, SSP Peachtree, LLC, has requested approval of a Planned Unit Development for a mixed use development on 11.4 acres located at 5070 and 5126 Peachtree Boulevard. The plan includes 597 apartments, in two six-story buildings with 57,365 sq. ft. of commercial space, including a 28,540 sq. ft. grocery store, a 1,800 sq. ft. coffee shop, two restaurants and 5,112 sq. ft. of office space covering much of the ground floor. There would be 1,178 parking spaces of which 729 spaces would be in a six-level parking structure. (From the 21 October 2014 City Council agenda)

(Note: this plan is outdated – it has been revised and resubmitted)