North Peachtree Towns 4135 to 4161 North Peachtree Rd.

The site is zoned Corridor Commercial and contains 2.6 acres, presently occupied by four single-family dwellings and a mobile home. The property is surrounded on all sides by multi-family and institutional uses. The applicant proposes a community of 30 two-story townhouses (single-family attached dwelling units) in 5 buildings on fee-simple lots that are typically 24 ft. wide and 88.5 to 105 ft. deep. The proposed Iots range in size from 2,123 to 4,611 sq. ft. in area, yielding a gross density of 11.5 units per acre. Dwellings would have a minimum heated floor area of approximately 2,000 sq. ft. Open space would constitute over 20% of the gross site area including a central community amenity area with a mail kiosk. (From the 17 February Chamblee City Council agenda)