Huntley Estates – Methodist Church

The subject property is a portion of undeveloped land that is currently owned by the Chamblee First United Methodist Church consisting of 6.61 acres that is proposed to be divided from the overall church property then subdivided into 6 lots on a cul-de-sac extension of Commodore Drive. The lots are following the requirements of the NR-1 zoning district. The subject property contains a tributary stream of Nancy Creek and associated 100-year floodplain along the southern portion of the property. A 75 ft. undisturbed stream buffer is provided as required in Section 34-1005 that requires a 50 ft. undisturbed buffer and an additional 25 ft. impervious setback. A lesser creek joins the Nancy Creek that is fed by a spring located in the northeast corner of the property. The site has significant topographic change, falling 65 feet from the high point on the northern boundary to the Nancy Creek on the southwest corner of the property. (From the 15 July 2014 City Council agenda)