HHNA Annual Meeting Report

The HHNA Annual Meeting was held on Sunday afternoon, March 22 in the Fellowship Hall of Chamblee First United Methodist Church. We thank the church for allowing us to use this very comfortable space.

[singlepic id=152 w=400 h=300 float=right]The Board members present were Robert Buckley (who is leaving the Board), Dana Freyman, Joan Varlan, Carolyn Weber, Ann Tamli, Meghan Harris and Dick Patterson. Brian Ray and Tina Peavy were unable to attend.

The business section of the meeting was very short – some of the current Board members were re-elected. Robert Buckley’s departure leaves a vacancy. If you would be interested, please contact one of the Board members.

The meeting then consisted of a question session on a wide range of topics. There to answer them were Officer J.J. Davis of the Chamblee Police Dept, Mayor Eric Clarkson, City Manager Marc Johnson and City Council representative Leslie Robson. Leslie Freymann gave a presentation about the newly revived Keep Chamblee Beautiful Committee.

The meeting then adjourned for conversation and refreshments.

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