Chamblee Middle and Huntley Hills Elementary Win in DeKalb County Academic Bowl

Chamblee, GA, December 14, 2014 – By The Chamblee Post

Chamblee Middle took home the 1st Place trophy in DeKalb County’s Academic Bowl, hosted by Stone Mountain Middle School. Chamblee’s team gave a great performance! The students and their teachers should be very proud of their victory. Stay tuned to the Chamblee Post for additional details as we follow the team to their next competition.

Chamblee also has a winning elementary school, as Huntley Hills took home the 2nd place trophy in the 15-school competition. Chamblee Post staff was there to capture their big win.

Moyia Nsele, the Gifted Program teacher at Huntley Hills, coached the team to their victory. Nsele first started teaching at Huntley Hills in 2003 and after several years, left to teach in the Virgin Islands. She returned to Huntley Hills four years later because she loves the school and the great sense of community that surrounds it.

As the competition unfolded, Nsele commented that “she was so proud to see her students answering the difficult math questions correctly and with so much confidence. We have been working a lot on that in class and it’s fun to see the children enjoy the success that comes with hard work and practice. They have such great team spirit and really support each other. I’m so proud of them!”

Huntley Hills 5th grade teacher, Allison Hutchinson, was also there supporting the team. She was very pleased to see her students remember all the facts they have learned from doing their geography and social studies projects. “It is really rewarding and fun to see a child instantly recall the things you have taught them and the things they have learned on their own from doing research and writing reports.”

Huntley Hills students have also been learning lots about science, as the school teaches S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and math) lessons every Friday. The science learning paid off in Round 4 when Huntley Hills was behind to Vanderlyn Elementary 110 to 0.

Marshall Freymann changed the team’s momentum when he quickly buzzed in with an answer about liquid nitrogen. From there, the team made an epic comeback and that resulted in a 110 to 110 tie.

Assisting the team was paraprofessional Crystal Lien, who has been working at Huntley Hills for ten years and coaching the academic bowl team for the last five years. She commented that she “loves seeing the children grow and gain so much confidence through the program. They love it and we love it.”

Lien and Nsele were especially happy to see their team not give up when they were behind. “ I just knew the round was not over for our kids. We teach them every day to always do your best, keep trying and to never give up,” said Nsele.

Team member Erin Finnegan summed up the day by saying “I really liked the experience. I learned lots of new things, met some new people and had lots of fun. Plus, winning a big trophy for our school was very exciting!”

Congratulations to both of our Chamblee schools’ students and teachers for their victories.

You can view photos from the competition on Facebook.


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