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Chris Tallman supplies this monthly market data to keep residents informed on home values. He has an 18 year connection with Huntley Hills and was a 14 year homeowner who raised his family here, so he knows the benefits, features and values of the neighborhood. He helps many people in Huntley Hills fight inflated home tax assessments with the county at no charge. He also does a free market analysis for anyone who asks and gives advice to residents who are considering selling their homes whether they use him as their agent or not.

Nov-2017 Report for October, 2017

Oct-2017 Report for September, 2017

Sep-2017 Report for August, 2017

Aug-2017 Report for July, 2017

Jul-2017 Report for June, 2017

Jun-2017 Report for May, 2017

May-2017 Report for April, 2017

Apr-2017 Report for March, 2017

Mar-2017 Report for February, 2017

Feb-2017 Report for January, 2017

Jan-2017 Report for December, 2016 and summaries for the years 2009 – 2016

To review detailed historical real estate data, click here.


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